Alfred F. Jones




The United States of America






July 4th (Independence Day)

Hair Color:


Eye Color:



177 cm (5'9 ft est)

Alfred F. Jones is a main character in the series Axis Powers Hetalia. He represents America (アメリカ, Amerika) and leads the Allied Forces.

Appearance Edit

He has short blond hair, with a wild strand sticking up (it represents Nantucket), and blue eyes. He wears a tan uniform and a brown bomber jacket with a '50' on the back (for the fifty states). His glasses are said to represent the state of Texas. Alfred is often shown holding a hamburger or a large-size soft drink (usually a cola) and flashing a thumbs-up.

When Alfred initially appeared in the webcomic, his hair was drawn smoother and he had no wild strand. Eventually as the art style changed, Himaruya added in the strand and made Alfred's hair slightly wilder. Alfred also was shown to have his pants tucked into his boots in older designs, but more modern artwork depicts him wearing his pants over the boots.

Personality Edit

Alfred is a cheerful, energetic, yet somewhat arrogant young man who is obsessed with heroes, justice, and freedom. He has the habit of sticking his nose into everyone else's business, which causes him to have difficulty making friends. He loves hamburgers and junk food, and can even eat strange and inedible things due to inheriting Arthur's sense of taste (or lack thereof). His hobbies are sports, games, making movies, quick-draw, archaeology, and adventures.  He possesses an abnormal amount of strength, shown even as a child.

Though he is friends with an alien named Tony, he doesn't believe in Arthur's fairies or unicorns.

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